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Author: Olaf Last modified: March 4, 2018

Buying outdoor toys doesn’t have to mean big money. On Cool Outdoor Toys we talk about outdoor toys, trampolines, swing sets, and other large toys that are such a part of childhood and the outdoors. Children love the simple joys of movement and freedom that comes from playing on these big toys and parents can find the information they need about purchasing, maintaining and enjoying trampolines, swing sets and other large outdoor toys from our website. This website is maintained by one of the most knowledgeable folks in the world of outdoor toys; someone who worked in the industry as well as the Daddy of a child with many friends who frequent our home and backyard play area. I’ll share my first-hand, insider’s knowledge of what is “hot” in the world of outdoor toys, along with my family’s experience with trampolines, swing sets and the myriad of other kids toys my family owns.

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A quick word about outdoor activities and injuries…

Even the most beginning outdoor toy can cause injury when used improperly. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly review any written safety instructions and employ common sense when purchasing outdoor toys. Make sure the toy is age-appropriate. Explain to your children what you consider to be acceptable use prior to letting them use something new. If necessary, post house rules on toy usage or require adult supervision. At the end of the day, we, as parents, are the ones responsible to ensure our children remain safe.