Playing Outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine; what could be better? Well, I can think of a few things…watching a kite soar in the sky, sliding on a sled down a hill with reckless abandon, hiding out away from everyone in my own secret place in the garden and doing it all with my friends and family.

Playing outdoorsPlaying outdoors offers more than just fresh air and sunshine. It offers children and the young at heart opportunities to imagine they are intrepid explorers, skeleton (sledding) gold medalists or members of a secret clubhouse.

Cool Outdoor Toys discusses some of the latest trends in outdoor toys as well as information on some of the new and innovative outdoor toys coming to the marketplace. We’ll tell you what people are saying and let you know where you can purchase the outdoor toys we showcase. Check back with us from time to time to see what great new outdoor toys and play activities we’ve discovered.

Play Parachutes are fun for the whole family

Play parachute

Gym class. Two words that bring back memories most of us probably wish we could forget. Gym class was the stuff of horrid uniforms, militant gym teachers and trying to play volleyball with 20-30 kids on each side of the net. It wasn’t very often that we actually had fun or did anything that would […]

Road Safety & Seeing Kids at Night

Road safety at night

Every family has one. That grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle who talks about how much harder life was back in the old days. They had to walk to school through rain, through snow or over long distances. It was dark, cold and dreary too. What they don’t seem to talk about is how they lit their […]

Spring Break Activities for Families

Spring Break Activities for Families

Spring has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The warm weather finally returns, the trees and flowers are blooming and there is just so much to see and do. After a recent study confirmed that quality time spent with our kids matters more than the quantity of time spent together, I […]

Buying Wooden Playhouses

Buying wooden playhouses

Would like to build a wooden playhouse for your kids but are worried that you don’t have all of the required tools or skills? There are books, plans and tutorials on building a playhouse but If you have only rudimentary carpentry skills and a few tools that most of us keep in our homes, you […]

Building Wooden Playhouses

Building wooden playhouses

To a child, there’s something magical about having their own playhouse. Whether you have it in their bedroom, playroom, outside in the back yard or up in a tree, it becomes a place to let their imagination run wild. It also becomes their special place that is their’s alone. Wooden playhouses are more like the […]