When properly installed and maintained, trampolines can offer hours of great fun and exercise. As a dad, who owns a trampoline and who has worked in that industry, trampoline safety is something of a pet project of mine.

Girl on trampolineJust about every backyard gymnast has had visions of Olympic glory while doing tricks on their trampoline. Since the Sydney Olympics in 2000, trampoline is even an Olympic sport. While very few of us will compete at the Olympics, there’s plenty of fun and excitement to be had with a backyard trampoline.

Trampolines come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Pricing is often a predictor of quality, but unfortunately is not always the best guide. Quality construction and proper maintenance are required to ensure years of safe play.

The articles in this section of Cool Outdoor Toys will include information on everything from site selection, purchasing a quality trampoline, trampoline placement/installation, safe play and maintaining your trampoline.

Trampoline Rules for Kids

Trampoline Rules for Kids

Purchasing a quality trampoline mat and safety equipment is just the beginning of ensuring your family remains safe while having fun. Before anyone takes the first bounce, parents should establish a clear set of trampoline rules for kids and anyone else who may wish to use the trampoline. The rules should be posted near the […]

Trampolining and Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Child on trampoline

Children and adolescents on the Autistic Spectrum seem to get a huge amount out of a trampoline. I have come across several kids who regularly spend long periods of time happily bouncing. This can only be a good thing so long as reasonable care has been taken to make the trampoline safe. Autistic Spectrum Disorder can be […]

Why you Should not buy a Cheap Trampoline


Children love trampolines, and why wouldn’t they? Trampolines allow a child to defy the laws of gravity. They can jump higher than ever, do otherwise impossible flips, and feel as if they are an Olympic gymnast. While it is only natural for you to want to purchase a great item such as a trampoline for […]

Trampoline safety = more Fun for Kids

Trampoline safety

Trampolines are a fun activity for people of all ages to enjoy. It is a way to get the whole family outdoors goofing around. In addition, a trampoline provides each person with exercise without them even realizing it. However, trampoline safety is something that anyone who owns one needs to be responsible about. It is […]