Swing Sets

If you’re anything like me, you’ve watched the birds as they fly by and wonder what it would be like to soar high up in the sky, riding the air currents and checking out the world below. The truly daring among us might try flying their own plane, skydiving or bungee jumping but those options are out of reach for most of us and certainly not an option for children.

Wooden swingsSwing sets offer a glimpse of what it would be like to fly among the tree tops and are as accessible as the nearest playground or our backyard. I can remember as a boy swinging back and forth, feeling the whoosh of the downward fall of the swing and imagining soaring higher than anyone else in the playground. I absolutely loved it.

The swings are still my favorite and you might even catch me trying to do my best bird imitation at one of my local parks but I primarily limit myself to watching my children and my friend’s children dreaming of reaching new heights.

Perhaps as an enticement to get children to abandon their electronic gadgets, outdoor toy manufacturers have turned the traditional backyard swing set upside-down. While you can still purchase those triangular-shaped sets that usually came with a slide at one end, a pair of swings in the middle and some other activity at the far end, today’s swing sets feature castles, rock climbing walls, rope bridges and a whole host of other cool stuff. Safety is key and durability is a must.

Building a Wooden Swing Set

Building wooden swing sets

Thinking of building a wooden swing set? They sure do look cool and offer a lot of options and features. Your kids will love having their own backyard playground. But, they are a big investment of money and time. Don’t pick up that credit card or hit the Buy It Now button before you arm […]

Buying a Metal Swing Set

Buying a Metal Swing Set

Oh, the many hours I spent soaring in the clouds on my old metal swing set. Pretty much the only things that would bring me back to earth was dinner or the siren call of jumping off mid-swing. Sure, sometimes the swing set legs pulled slightly out of the ground but that served as a […]

10 Tips for Swing Set Placement

Boys on swing set

Do your kids love to swing? Have they been begging you to buy a swing set or backyard play structure? Before you even begin contemplating which swing set to buy, you’ll need to evaluate your backyard and determine if you have the space and where, within that space, you should erect the swing set. We’ve put […]

Small Swing Sets: Fun in your Backyard

Cute kid swinging

Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean your family can’t enjoy the fun and exercise provided by a swing set. In fact, if your yard is too small for other types of outdoor fun, like soccer or kickball, small swing sets are a great way to keep kids occupied and get them moving […]