Outdoor Winter Toys

Many of my favorite winter-time memories are filled with images of slipping, sliding, gliding or riding across the snow and ice. Sometimes all we had was a cardboard box and sometimes we had the hottest new outdoor winter toy to hit the slopes, but we always managed to have fun playing in the snow.

Outdoor winter toysWe would come back inside to steaming mugs of hot chocolate and marvel at how we never seemed to feel the cold until we came back inside. There’s just something invigorating and exciting about playing in the snow that makes it hard to entice children to call it a day.

Outdoor winter toys seem to get far more abuse than warm-weather toys. They have to stand up to being jumped on, driven into fences and trees and often being scraped along the ground to get that last run down a melting sledding hill. On Cool Outdoor Toys, we will share with you some of our old favorites for snow play as well as some of the hottest new things to hit the stores and slopes. We’ll leave it up to you to ensure everyone is dressed warm and dry. Let us take care of finding the outdoor winter toys that will ensure the whole family hours of safe play before the snow all melts away.

Top 5 Snow Toys for kids

Top 5 Snow Toys

Did Helena dump a blanket of snow on you or did you find it to be much ado about nothing? Where we live, we got the winter wonderland of 6-8 inches. For us, it was the perfect storm. A weekend snowstorm. The perfect time to dig out our favorite snow toys. One of this year’s […]

Snow Sleds for Kids and Adults

Snow sleds for kids

There’s nothing like one of those plastic toboggan sleds for sliding down a hill of powdery snow. They were often the cheapest option in the store and almost everyone owned one. They were always the first sled that could reach the bottom of the hill and the ride only got faster with each succeeding run. […]

How to Build a Sledding Hill


When the snow starts falling, do you have visions of sledding down a mountain so fast you feel like you are flying? Hills so steep and long that each run lasts longer than it takes to hike back up to the top? Do you have winter fantasies like that? Mine also has plenty of luscious […]

How to build a Backyard Ice Rink?

Ice skating girl

It only happened once. A big patch of the side yard froze over with ice. It was 2-3 inches thick and big enough for a seven year-old to skate on. ‘Borrowing’ Mom’s ice skates and wearing several pairs of socks, I thought I was Dorothy Hamill as I glided across the ice. Spins, turns and […]