GMC Denali Road Bike

If you want to purchase an entry level road bike but don’t have $1,000 or more to invest in one, you might want to check out the GMC Denali Road Bike. Available on Amazon for less than $200, it just might be the biggest bargain you didn’t know was out there. It’s currently the best selling road bike on Amazon and most reviewers agree that it makes the perfect entry level and commuting bike.

If you are a true speed demon and regularly exceed 40 miles per hour, the Denali might not be your best choice. Then again, if you regularly pedal at speeds exceeding 40 mph, you probably won’t be in the market for an entry level road bike in the first place.

GMC Denali Road Bikes

From the research that we’ve done, it seems first time road bike buyers are often coming from the mountain biking world. What professional riders see as a possible flaw in the GMC Denali is part of what is making it so popular – gear shifts and an overall design that combine elements of more traditional road bikes and mountain bikes, making it a bit of a hybrid.

The GMC Denali Road Bike is available in different sizes and colors

The GMC Denali 700c Road Bike is offered in four different sizes. The x-small size is available in black and grean, black and pink and overal red. The small road bike has a 19″/48 cm frame. The medium is 22.5″/57 cm and is available in yellow and black or all blue. The large GMC Denali Road Bike is offered with a 25″/63.5 cm frame in black and silver.

A lot of the reviews about this road bike remind me of people proclaiming that the average family sedan is a box on wheels compared to a $100,000 high-performance automobile. Just like with cars, a beginning cyclist or someone looking for an entry level road bike does not need what amounts to a Mazeratti. It’s not unheard of for road bikes to cost thousands of dollars. Hand-made models can run upwards of $20,000, $40,000 or even over $105,000 for a gold-plated, crystal-adorned Aurumania. Most recreational, commuting and entry-level cyclists will find everything they could ask for in the Denali.

The GMV Denali 700c Bike comes fully equipped with the following:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Alloy calipers and alloy break levers
  • High profile alloy Vitesse racing rims
  • 21 speed Shimano derailluer and Shimano Revo shifts
  • Alloy water bottle cage
  • High performance 700c tires

The Denali, at 29 pounds, is heavier than a ‘professional road bike’. The tires aren’t designed to inflate to the 100+ pounds most competitive cyclists use. And, the gears are in the same position as they would be on a mountain bike. But, unless you plan on leading the peloton of a major race any time soon, the Denali might just be the perfect compromise of price versus performance.

Is the GMC Denali 700c Bike easy to assembly?

The GMC Denali 700c Road Bike does require some assembly. Between the user’s manual and some very detailed YouTube videos, most people found assembly fairly straightforward. One thing to watch out for is the way the bicycle is packed. A number of people have mentioned that the front strut was packed facing the wrong direction. If after assembling you bike your pedals are hitting the front tire, you more than likely installed the strut incorrectly.

If working with so many gears and calipers intimidates you, most local bike stores will gladly configure them for you – they generally charge between $10 and $20 for the service.

How about the breaks?

One suggestion that many have made is to upgrade the brakes. This too is a fairly inexpensive service that your local bike shop could do for you. If buying the smaller model of the Denali, you might have to modify the brake configuration to ensure her smaller hands can effectively grip and pull the levers.

After a breaking in period, you will most likely have to recalibrate the gears and brakes on your Denali. This is normal for entry level road bikes up as well as the top of the line models costing thousands more.

Overall, people love their Denalis. It is an entry level road bike at a truly affordable price. Based on what many of the reviewers said about this bike, it might just be the best commuter bike as well. Several tri-athletes and young competitive riders also rely on the GMC Denali 700c Road Bike, which proves that this bike isn’t just for amateurs.

So, you could waste time trying to score a deal on a used high-end bike on Craig’s List or you could spend your time peddling down the road on your new GMC Denali 700c Bike.

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