BERG MOOV Street Kit: A Toy that Keeps Giving

Any toy that offers multiple avenues of play is a cool toy in our book. And, the BERG MOOV Street Kit sure offers a number of fun activities. This unique toy allows your child to use their imagination to build their own riding toys.

Since the BERG MOOV construction kits come with all the pieces needed to create many different toys, the possibilities are endless. Each kit comes with wheels, axles, rings, and everything else you need to create bikes, scooters, cranes, and even a snow scooter.

Another great thing about MOOV is that your child will be able to put together any of these toys all without raiding your tool chest. The BERG MOOV Street Kit comes with absolutely everything you need. Just add the creativity. Extra parts are available but are not required for the models shown above.

Smaller children may need some assistance with the flexbands but that just provides a great opportunity to share the experience of building something with your child. Working together might lead to all sorts of wonderful toys that the folks at BERG hadn’t even thought of.

There are 3 different MOOV kits.

MOOV Advanced Kit

The  contains three wheels and over 150 parts. It comes with everything that your child needs to build a bike, a chopper, a dino bird, a helicopter, a crane, a scooter, and a snow scooter.

Berg MOOV Street Kit

The street kit is and it comes with more than 175 parts and 4 wheels. The BERG MOOV Street Kit offers kids the opportunity to make a trike, a carver, a bike, a chopper, a racer, a scooter, a crane, a helicopter, a dino bird, and a snow scooter. The street kit is sure to make your child the envy of the block.

Award Winning Toy

The MOOV construction toy was a Special Award Winner in the 2008 Right Start Best Toy Awards. Right Start Magazine is a British publication for families with young children. Each year it publishes an annual Christmas toy guide featuring only the highest quality toys for children aged 6 months to 7 years old.

Why We Think It’s a Cool Toy

  1. Children can make their own toys, dismantle them and create something even more cool toys.
  2. Everything is included – no need for Daddy, or Mommy’s, tools.
  3. Many of the pieces are made of wood.