Trampoline safety = more Fun for Kids

Trampolines are a fun activity for people of all ages to enjoy. It is a way to get the whole family outdoors goofing around. In addition, a trampoline provides each person with exercise without them even realizing it. However, trampoline safety is something that anyone who owns one needs to be responsible about.

It is never a good idea to allow children to use a trampoline without an adult present. If you have other children that frequently come to your home, make sure their parents don’t mind if they use the trampoline.

To help prevent accidents from someone bouncing off the trampoline, it is a good idea to get a safety net. They are made for any shape or size or trampoline you can purchase. Another good idea is to dig holes deep in the ground. You can then set the trampoline into the ground. You will still get the same bouncing effects, but the entire piece of equipment may only be a foot from the ground.

Make sure your trampoline is safely away from power lines, fences, trees, and any other item that could lead to injuries. You need a clearance of 10 feet all the way around the trampoline and 20 feet in the air. You need to routinely check the trampoline for broken or stressed springs and hooks.

The more people on a trampoline at one time, the more likely accidents are to occur. This is because the bouncing of each person affects the others. There is also a great risk of being hit by someone else who also has no control over their movements. Never allow anyone who has been consuming drugs or alcohol to use a trampoline. Even prescription drugs can alter one’s perception.

Make sure anyone attempting to perform tricks on a trampoline knows the proper way to do them. Attempting various flips and tricks can lead to injuries. Another common cause of injuries on trampolines is due to various sports. One common sport is basketball. A basketball hoop is placed at both ends of the trampoline. The teams then play the game as usually, but with a twist as to the terrain they are playing on.

While enjoying a trampoline is encouraged, accidents do happen. Trampoline safety needs to always be a priority. More than 75,000 people are seen for medical treatment each year due to trampoline injuries. They include sprained ankles and wrists, broken bones, missing teeth, head injuries, and even death.

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