10 Safety Rules for Trampoline Usage

Video games, the Internet, and television are turning kids into couch potatoes. A recent study was released that said if children were to get just 15 minutes of exercise daily it would greatly impact their overall health. 15 minutes? I was lucky if on weekends and during summer vacation I was allowed in the house more than 15 minutes at a time.

What can parents do to encourage their kids to get up, go outside and play? Why not consider purchasing a trampoline? With proper supervision and a clear understanding of how and when the trampoline can be used, trampolines offer a fun way to get a full-body workout without ever leaving the backyard. The best part is that the kids will be having fun and won’t even know they’re doing something good for their bodies.

It is true that improper use of trampolines can cause injuries, but by following a few simple safety rules, children and adults can have many hours of safe trampoline use while still having a lot of fun. Once you purchase a quality trampoline, we like the ones offered by JumpFree; the key to keeping a trampoline safe is to make sure that everyone who uses it understands there are a few simple rules that must be followed. Create a clear and simple set of trampoline rules for kids that will allow your children and their friends to bounce their way to fitness, have fun, and be safe. We’ve all seen those written rules for using public pools – why not write your own set of rules for trampoline use? At our house, everyone must read the rules and agree to abide by them prior to getting onto our trampoline.

Here’s the list of safety rules for safe trampoline usage we maintain at our house.

House Rules for Trampoline Use

  1. The trampoline shall not be used without adult supervision.
  2. The trampoline may not be moved to another location.
  3. All toys, bikes, and people must remain at least 2.5 meters (about8 feet) from the trampoline when it is in use.
  4. Only one person may use the trampoline at a time.
  5. Always jump in the middle of the trampoline.
  6. No somersaults or flips.
  7. Do not jump exit the trampoline; always climb down.
  8. If the trampoline is wet, it may not be used.
  9. The safety net and padding may not be removed at any time.
  10. All jewelry and hair clips must be removed prior to using the trampoline.

Be sure to post the rules in a public place near the trampoline. You may also wish to include on your rules the penalties if the rules are not followed. Get the children involved and make an art project out of creating your rules for trampoline safety poster. Use poster boards, markers, crayons, whatever is available to develop ownership in the rules with your children. After all, it’s a bit hard for a child to say they didn’t know they were prohibited from doing flips on the trampoline when the rule is written in their own handwriting.

Want more tips? Be sure to check out our post on trampoline rules for kids where we provide suggestions and ideas on how to turn the rules into something fun for the kids too.

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