Our Pick for Best Trampoline with Enclosure

Our resident trampoline expert has worked in the outdoor toy industry for years and for much of that time he worked for one of Europe’s biggest toy and trampoline companies. While a number of their riding toys are available in the United States, their fine trampolines are not. So, we asked him, which trampoline with enclosure would he recommend to American families and why.

His first suggestion is to always enclose a garden trampoline with a safety enclosure. Trampolines, enclosed with a safety net, provide the greatest degree of safety for jumpers. Buying a trampoline that comes with its own safety net enclosure just makes sense. It ensures the enclosure will fit properly and limits any potential warranty issues.

Best Trampolines for American Consumers

We searched the American marketplace and are sharing, what we feel, are three of the best trampolines with enclosures. They are a bit pricier than some models you might find at your local big box retailer. However, trampolines are one of the few products where you do get when you pay for and the extra investment is worth it.

14 Foot Trampolines

Our recommendations include only 14-foot (mat) size models from each manufacturer. We chose that size because 14-foot trampolines are a great size for most backyards and allow for plenty of fun.

Zoning & Safety Issues

As with any larger outdoor toy, check your local zoning and homeowner’s association rules. Make sure they allow for the installation and use of a trampoline prior to making a purchase.

Don’t forget to check your homeowner’s insurance too, particularly if you will be allowing neighbors and friends to join in the fun. Cool Outdoor Toys also has a great guide on creating your own Rules for Trampoline Use to help ensure everyone plays safely.

Upper Bounce Trampoline with Enclosure Set

This first trampoline with enclosure we are recommending is manufactured and sold by Upper Bounce. Upper Bounce offers trampolines in sizes ranging from 7.5 feet to 16 feet. We reviewed their 14-foot model that comes with its own enclosure.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Features at a Glance

  • Easy Assembly – average assembly time being reported by families is 90-120 minutes. However,  one family was able to assemble their trampoline in only 40 minutes.
  • Mat Construction – the jumping mat has 8 rows of stitching and is made from premium PP mesh material.
  • Padding – The Upper Bounce padding is 1 inch thick which is 2.54 cm – a little low but far better than a lot of other manufacturers.
  • Safety Net – The safety net is made from Terylene. Terylene has been on the market for over 70 years. It is a strong fiber that has some elasticity, is relatively insect and mold-resistant, resists abrasions and remains strong even when wet. The net enclosure has small gaps (one family reported them to be only 6 inches) which will prevent even the littlest jumpers from sliding under the safety net enclosure. The safety net poles are also padded. “C” hooks keep the net secure and prevent it from sliding down the support poles.
  • Trampoline Height – The 14-foot model we looked at had a total height of 108 inches (jumping surface was 34″ tall and the net height was 71″).
  • Springs – It has 96 7.5″ springs.
  • Weight Capacity – Suggested weight capacity of 330 pounds.

Upper Bounce Customer Support

The Upper Bounce folks have placed all of their user manuals on their web site. They also offer a large selection of spare parts for their own trampolines as well as those offered by other companies. Families, who have purchased these trampolines, are reporting that customer support is quite responsive and replacement parts are shipped quickly.

According to their website, Upper Bounce jumping mats come with a 1 year warranty, the premium pads supplied with their trampolines have a 6 month warranty, the metal parts (frame parts, frame hardware, structure items and springs) come with a 1 year warranty and all other parts (super trampoline pads, enclosure nets, weather cover, foam sleeves and PVC parts) are protected by a 90 day warranty.

ACON Air 4.3 Trampoline with Premium Enclosure

The second trampoline we are sharing with you is made by ACON. Their 14-foot garden trampoline with enclosure is the ACON Air 4.3 trampoline which was designed in Finland.

ACON Air Trampoline Features at a Glance

  • Mat Construction – The mat is 6 times cross-sewed UV treated polypropylene. Acon boasts that this is a year-round trampoline which can hold up to winter snow and cold.
  • Padding –  The rubber coated safety padding is 1.2 inches or 3.048 cm thick.
  • Safety Matting & Enclosure – The safety enclosure extends 6 feet from the mat with 1 inch galvanized steel frame tubing and protected by thick safety foam.
  • Trampoline Height/Weight – This tramp stands 35.8 inches tall. The trampoline and safety enclosure weighs just under 300 pounds. It is quite sturdy and the manufacturer reports that it will not shift or lift off of the ground if someone hits the enclosure.
  • Springs & Construction – It has 96 8.5″ springs with a spring load of 69 N. The support structure is made from 2-inch galvanized diameter pipes with a thickness of 0.08 inches.
  • Weight Restrictions – The Acon USA website proclaims, and a quick conversation with their sales team, that their weight restriction is 800 pounds which makes it great for adults and kids.

According their website, the ACON comes with a 5-year warranty for the frame and the mat. The safety enclosure comes with a 1-year warranty.

ACON Customer Service

When we spoke with one of the ACON sales representatives to clarify the weight restrictions for this trampoline model, we reached someone quite quickly. They were very helpful and made sure all of our questions had been answered. From reviews we’ve seen around the web, our experience matched that of what most customers have reported.

The public part of their website does not include product manuals but there is a member’s only section that may or may not offer them.

Avyna Pro-Line 14 ft Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

The Pro-Line Trampoline is from the Dutch Company Avyna and is our pick for the best trampoline for kids. They are the direct competitor for the company our resident expert worked for and is his preferred choice for American families. Avyna describes their trampoline as having a superior gymnastic bounce.

Avyna Proline Trampoline Features at a Glance

  • Mat Construction – The trampoline mat is a double layer of coated PVC with mesh that measures 0.6mm. The mats are made in the USA from polypropylene.
  • Padding – Stitched and welded safety pads covered with 0.6mm coated PVC with Nylon to protect them from moisture. They measure 25 mm and are 400mm wide. All safety padding is closed cell foam, making it weather resistant.
  • Trampoline Height – This trampoline stands 35.43 inches tall.
  • Weight Limit – 352 pounds
  • Frame Construction – The frame legs are 42mm in diameter and 1.99 mm thick. Frames are welded by robots and sand-blasted to ensure a safe, secure and long-lasting outdoor toy. Welded parts are further protected with a zinc coating.
  • Springs – They make their own 8.5-inch galvanized steel springs. Their 14 ft round trampoline comes with 96 springs.
  • Spring Safety Feature – The spring and pad connectors have patented plastic covers that protect fingers and toes. As an added safety precaution, all of the metal tips, like on the spring ends; have protective rubber coverings.

During a phone conversation with a company representative, we learned that Avyna had increased the warranty on their frames from 10 years to a lifetime warranty. Oddly enough when we checked the website of their American distributor, it still was listing 10 years. Either way, this is probably the best frame warranty in the industry. The springs carry a 10-year warranty,  the safety pads and jumping mat have a 3-year warranty.

Finding the Best Trampoline with Enclosure

Many of the better trampolines are made by hand. That means the better manufacturers are producing 200-300 trampolines in the same amount of time that the lesser-quality brands are producing 1,000-2,000 trampolines.

While your kids might not think so, it is worth it to wait for a better and safer trampoline to be in stock than to simply purchase whatever you can get quickly. Also, watch out for knock-offs and inferior products being sold as if they were made by one of the premier manufacturers.

For most families, we suggest you consider Upper Bounce, ACON and Avyna trampolines. ACON and Avyna don’t offer the cheapest trampoline with enclosure. However, based upon our research and the knowledge shared by our industry insider, we find them to be among the safest trampolines with enclosures sold in the American marketplace.

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