A Tricycle For Your Child?

A tricycle can be a great gift for your child. Tricycles, by definition, are vehicle with three wheels. They are most commonly referred to in connection with bikes for children. There are a couple of things to consider when purchasing a tricycle for your child.

There are several different styles of tricycles to choose from when you decide it is time to purchase your child’s first trike. Children as young as a year and a half can ride tricycles. However, children won’t be able to properly use pedals until they get a bit older. For young children, you may want to buy a tricycle that is propelled by the child’s feet pushing along the floor.

If you plan to have your child ride their tricycle on driveways, sidewalks or other traffic areas, you may want to consider getting a tricycle that sports a steering bar on the rear. This allows a parent or older sibling to help a young child steer the tricycle or push them along in the event they become tired.

Buy a Tricycle for “your” child!

Take your child with you to the store where you intend to buy a tricycle. You will need to determine what size tricycle your child will be able to ride. If your child is old enough to control a pedal tricycle, you will need to make sure your child is able to reach the pedals.

Shorter children may benefit from extension blocks that are available to attach to the pedals. However, extension blocks can cause the tricycle to be awkward and difficult to control for the child. Your child should be able to reach the pedals with a minimal amount of stretching. Some stretching should be allowed, though, due to the rate at which children grow. Make sure that your child can still reach the pedals when they turn the handlebars. Your child is too big for a tricycle if their needs come close to touching the handlebars at any time.

Safety first…

Make sure the tricycle is low enough to the ground so that you child will not tip over when they turn sharply or drive down hills. It is never too early to teach your child proper safety, so consider investing in a helmet and/or pads for your child.

Tricycles that offer accessories or add-ons can be a nice choice especially for young children. A basket to bring along a favorite toy or a horn can add to your child’s riding enjoyment.

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