Electric ride-on Toys, yes or no?

Electric ride-ons are top sellers right now, but should you buy one for your child?

You have probably seen all of the commercials and advertisements for electric ride-ons and you are probably wondering if you should get one for your child. Many people are conflicted about these toys, and both sides have valid points. Before you decide to jump on the electric ride-on bandwagon, you will want to educate yourself on the pros and cons of these toys so you can make an educated decision.

Many people like the idea of getting their child an electric ride-on toy. They figure their child will have a lot of fun, feel like they are growing up, and will have a lot of fun cruising around like the adults do. They think that this is a great way to provide their child with a good time and allow them to feel independent and older. The kids love riding around in a vehicle that has its own power. They feel almost as if they are on a ride at an amusement park, only better because they are in control of this ride. Electric ride-on toys can come in such styles as cars, motorcycles, tractors, and more. They usually look just like smaller models of the real thing, one more factor that makes them so appealing to children.

Other people tend to think that getting a child an electric ride-on toy isn’t such a good idea. Children of today tend to be a little more on the lazy side. Years ago, kids used to spend hours outdoors running the neighborhoods and playing with their friends. With changes in technology, the children of today seem to spend more of their time sitting in front of the computer or playing a video game on the TV. They start learning these electronics at extremely young ages and a lot of the times they trade in exercise and playing for trying to achieve high score on their favorite games. This is contributing to more children suffering from obesity and it keeps them from socializing with their peers in a healthy way.

The parents who tend to steer away from the electronic ride-on toys would rather their children spend their time outdoors being physically active. When your child is out in the sunshine you want them to be physically active, especially since physical activity has so many health benefits for children. Another problem with the electronic ride-on toys is that a child will be able to keep themselves pacified on their own. They don’t feel the need to ask a friend to play because they can have a great time alone. While this may sound like a good thing, it really isn’t. It’s important that your child socializes with their peers. This is how they learn such important life skills as conflict resolution, sharing, and communicating.

Electric or muscle driven?

There are times when an electric ride-on toy may come in handy and be a good thing. One example of this would be if your family were going to be going on a camping trip that involved riding dirt bikes or quads. It would be fun to let your little one zoom around while the adults did. Another example may be getting together with other children that had their own electric ride-on toys. You could take them to a big park and let them enjoy each others company while they drove around together. However, you have to think about how often these opportunities will present themselves. You would probably do better getting your child a toy that they can ride at home, at a friends house, or anywhere you choose to take them to ride. A bike, wagon, pair of skates, or a skateboard will provide your child with hours of fun as well. Yet, they will be doing something that will help to promote a healthier lifestyle while they are using these items.

If you are thinking about getting an electronic ride-on toy for your child, you will want to think about what ways it will help your child to play in a positive way, and what ways it may hinder them. Ultimately, you want to make the best choice for both your child and yourself. If you decide to purchase an electronic ride-on toy for your child, you will want to make sure that your child meets any requirements and you watch them at all times while they are riding on it. Remember, there is no substitute for adult supervision when it comes to your child playing on any electric device.

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