Easy Outdoor Space Dome

Do your kids love to climb on the furniture? Or maybe they love the jungle gym at the park and you just don’t always have the time to take them? Do you constantly find your nice clean sheets being used to make a fort or tent? Perhaps you should look at the Easy Outdoor Space Dome. It’s a great way for your kids to have fun outside and increase their motor skills.

We found the Space Dome being offered on a number of websites but our favorite place to buy garden toys like this one is on Amazon due to their great shipping and return policies.

The Sky’s The Limit

Children love the Easy Outdoor Space Dome. They can pretend they are traveling to Mars or just climbing Mt. Everest. Add a tarp or a large blanket and they can pretend they are camping out in an igloo. It does get slippery when wet, so it might not do to pretend it’s an igloo when it’s snowing but the powder coated finish keeps it from getting too hot in the sun.

Building Your Easy Outdoor Space Dome

Don’t let the 130 sets of bolts, washers, nuts and nut covers intimidate you. It can be put together in about three hours. To save time, you should sort all of the parts before you start building the play structure. We have learned the hard way from other put-it-together yourself products to put all of the small parts in a deep bowl to ensure they don’t get lost. One person can assemble it but it really works much better with two or three sets of hands.

Pay careful attention to the shape of each of the bars. There is a definite top and bottom and you’ll save yourself a bunch of time if you ensure they are all facing the same way during assembly.

The top of the dome measures 50 inches tall and the entire structure is 91 inches wide. Taller children may not be able to dangle inside of the Space Dome but they still should have hours of fun climbing on it.

Play Safe

The manufacturer of this backyard climbing toy suggests putting a shock absorbing material under the structure. They recommend using double shredded bark mulch, wood chips, fine sand or fine gravel. One family mentioned using a blow-up camping mattress under the play structure to protect little ones from injury.

One small detail that has led to some confusion is how much weight this climbing toy can handle. People have reported that Outdoor Space Domes have been covered with children, and in some cases adults, and several years later their outdoor space dome is still a favorite backyard toy for their family. The product description states that the durable steel dome can handle 2,000 pounds. However, the instruction manual cautions individual climbers should not weigh more than 200 pounds and no more than 5 should be on the structure at the same time.

Years of Safe Play

People in climates as severe as the deserts of Nevada and other southwestern states report that their has held up well to extremes in temperature. The manufacturer recommends that you tighten all of the bolts at the beginning of each play season and periodically inspect everything to ensure years of safe play.

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