My Favorite Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

There are more choices than ever when it comes to finding fun activities or outdoor toys for toddlers. I thought it would be fun to share with you several that I remember from my own childhood.

One of my favorite outdoor toys was a huge tricycle. It was an expensive bike that was actually more suited for adults than children. It would be several years before I could ride that Christmas gift on my own. But, that giant tricycle was the talk of the neighborhood and even the adults could ride it.

Learn how to ride a tricycle

Today’s parents have more options when it comes to ride-on toys and tricycles for young children. A number of manufacturers are designing convertible trikes. The idea is that the toys can be easily reconfigured as your child grows.

Playing with sand is always fun

When I wasn’t riding my tricycle, I was building sandcastles in my sandbox. I spent hours in that box pushing the sand around with my toys. Parents today have a newer option here as well; sand tables. The children can still have all the fun of a traditional sandbox but they won’t be sitting in the sand; so much easier for end of day clean-up.

What to play on the next day trip?

I think the most fun I had, as a little one, was playing with other children. We played tag, hopscotch, red light green light and games that we made up ourselves. It would have been even more fun if we had a source of game and activity ideas to supplement our imaginations.

You will find that kids will almost always find something to entertain themselves. Your goal as a parent should be to encourage healthy outdoor activities that will help your child grow and develop fine motor and social skills. Get them off the couch and out into the sunshine. They’ll remember their time playing with friends and cool outdoor toys far longer than they will remember playing the latest version of Mario Brothers.

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