Schwinn Roadster 12 Inch Trike: A retro bike for kids

Let’s take it back to the days when we were kids; when the worries of the world had nothing to do with us. Hop on your fast little tricycle and ride off in the wind. Today, you can buy your little one a trike just like the one you had: retro style! The Schwinn Roadster 12 Inch Trike comes in up to eight colors, including metallic blue, cherry red and baby pink. The vintage design will bring back your memories from the days long gone ago while you watch your child riding this amazing tricycle.

The little roadster is very well designed and manufactured; decked out with curved handlebars like the old Schwinn bicycles, a seat that resembles a bucket seat, and a step on the back. Extras include tassels and a bell on the handlebars. There’s even a sippy cup holder behind the seat, in case your little one needs to bring a drink with them. Along with the color and the “chrome” and the very retro look, as far a tricycles go, this one is eye candy. The seat level is also a wonderful thing in this retro trike. Instead of the child being high on a regular tricycle seat, Schwinn placed the seat low to the ground, making spills and fall-offs almost non-existent.

The perfect trike for your pre-schooler

The Schwinn Roadster 12 inch Trike is sized perfectly for the pre-school aged child. A child of two years old may not have the leg length needed to touch the pedals. But, as sturdy as this trike is made, it seems that it would bring years of fun to a child between the ages of three and six.

Easy assembling is the best part of the tricycle. How many of us have put together a toy for a child while they fussed and whined, lacking the patience to wait? Parents will love the ease of assembly. It allows us to get to the real fun, without having to endure the lengthy tantrums that could ensue while trying to figure out how in the world to put it together.

Is the Schwinn Roadster 12 inch Trike suitable for my child?

The best part for the child is the ease of use. This trike flies and takes turns like nobody’s business. For children first starting to get the hang of how to pedal and how to steer, this trike will work with even the clumsiest of children. When you top that with the low seat mentioned earlier, it’s a win-win situation.

So, when you’re ready to send your child “back to the future”, let him take a spin on a Schwinn.