The Wave, the original Street Surfing Waveboard

If you’re out on the streets and looking to impress, you want to make sure you can perform some cool and risky tricks. In this past, this could only be done if you were a skateboarder or could pull off impressive tricks on your bike at the park. If you were a surfer at the beach you would get all the attention if you could ride the waves without falling off. There’s a new way to get noticed. The Street Surfing Waveboard, a blend of surfing and skateboarding and it’s making everyone’s heads turn.

Note, using a Street Surfing Waveboard might be dangerous for your (small) child. Take care about enough body protection parts to prevent injuries!

Ever heard about Street Surfing?

Street Surfing came out of California. This is the easiest way to picture it if you haven’t seen it before: Street Surfing is to Skateboarding as roller blades are to roller skates. The original Street Surfing Waveboard has only has one row of wheels in the center of the board, allowing for faster acceleration, especially when you’re taking sharp corners and staying low to the ground.
Naturally, skateboarders are the ones who would be able to make a quick and easy move to the WAVE. A lot of skateboarders who make the transition do actually prefer the Street Surfing Waveboard, simply because it allows for greater speed. The single set of wheels also makes it somewhat harder to master, meaning that when you do pull off the Ollies and 360s, you will get all the more attention.

Getting attention by doing tricks on your Street Surfing Waveboard

As mentioned earlier, any trick you can do on a skateboard, you can also do on a Street Surfing Waveboard. The shape and weight of the WAVE will actually allow you to pull off more impressive tricks.
You will:

  • Be able to jump up higher in the air and make the Street Surfer do more gravity-defying revolutions before you land.
  • Be able to build up more speed by leaning lower to the ground when you’re taking a turn,
  • Start riding without kicking off; the Waveboard wheels allow you to get moving by simply twisting it in opposite directions with your feet.

The creators of the WAVE have also come up with some designs that will grab your mate’s eyeballs and not let them go; when you’re going to the skating park, if the single row of wheels doesn’t catch your friends’ attention, the graffiti-inspired designs will. No matter where you’re at, as long as you got the attitude, you can take it to the streets with the WAVE.

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