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Buying a Metal Swing Set

Buying a Metal Swing Set

Oh, the many hours I spent soaring in the clouds on my old metal swing set. Pretty much the only things that would bring me back to earth was dinner or the siren call of jumping off mid-swing. Sure, sometimes the swing set legs pulled slightly out of the ground but that served as a […]

Road Safety & Seeing Kids at Night

Road safety at night

Every family has one. That grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle who talks about how much harder life was back in the old days. They had to walk to school through rain, through snow or over long distances. It was dark, cold and dreary too. What they don’t seem to talk about is how they lit their […]

Bike Safety Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Bike Safety

Being Cool About Road Safety As a kid, I loved riding my bike. My friends and I peddled for miles. Our neighborhood had plenty of streets with virtually no thru traffic. Road safety was easy – just pull into someone’s driveway whenever a car come along. We didn’t have to bike to school and most […]

Trampoline Rules for Kids

Trampoline Rules for Kids

Purchasing a quality trampoline mat and safety equipment is just the beginning of ensuring your family remains safe while having fun. Before anyone takes the first bounce, parents should establish a clear set of trampoline rules for kids and anyone else who may wish to use the trampoline. The rules should be posted near the […]

Trampolining and Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Child on trampoline

Children and adolescents on the Autistic Spectrum seem to get a huge amount out of a trampoline. I have come across several kids who regularly spend long periods of time happily bouncing. This can only be a good thing so long as reasonable care has been taken to make the trampoline safe. Autistic Spectrum Disorder can be […]