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Building a Wooden Swing Set


Thinking of building a wooden swing set? They sure do look cool and offer a lot of options and features. Your kids will love having their own backyard playground. But, they are a big investment of money and time. Don’t pick up that credit card or hit the Buy It Now button before you arm […]

10 Tips for Swing Set Placement

Boys on swing set

Do your kids love to swing? Have they been begging you to buy a swing set or backyard play structure? Before you even begin contemplating which swing set to buy, you’ll need to evaluate your backyard and determine if you have the space and where, within that space, you should erect the swing set. We’ve put […]

Backyard Ice Skating Rink Kits

Ice skating girl

It only happened once. A big patch of the side yard froze over with ice. It was 2-3 inches thick and big enough for a seven year-old to skate on. ‘Borrowing’ Mom’s ice skates and wearing several pairs of socks, I thought I was Dorothy Hamill as I glided across the ice. Spins, turns and […]

Building Wooden Playhouses

Building wooden playhouses

To a child, there’s something magical about having their own playhouse. Whether you have it in their bedroom, playroom, outside in the back yard or up in a tree, it becomes a place to let their imagination run wild. It also becomes their special place that is their’s alone. Wooden playhouses are more like the […]

Small Swing Sets: Fun in your Backyard

Cute kid swinging

Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean your family can’t enjoy the fun and exercise provided by a swing set. In fact, if your yard is too small for other types of outdoor fun, like soccer or kickball, small swing sets are a great way to keep kids occupied and get them moving […]