Comparison of Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is one of those things that everyone likes during the hot summer months, because it can be very refreshing when the temperatures begin to rise. A swimming pool is also a very good way to exercise, because it is a full body workout with very little impact on the bones or joints.

However there are many factors that need to be considered before a swimming pool is built. There must be adequate space in the backyard, a good fence surrounding the area for the pool, and then a decision has to be made to have an above ground one put in, or have an under ground one built in. An above ground pool and an under ground pool both have their share of pros and cons, so they must be weighed appropriately in order to make a good decision.

An above ground pool does not look as good as an under ground pool, because the sides of the pool are visible and not usually very flattering. It also does not add as much property value to a house when it is put in.

However an above ground pool is much cheaper than an underground one. Above ground pools are usually cheaper because they are prefabricated, and do not require excavation, or any under ground plumbing to be installed. Above ground pools usually do not require a heater, because the water is heated by the sun, and the since the water is above ground the heat from the water does not get distributed to the ground around it. An under ground pool usually takes quite a bit longer to get hot during the summer, because the soil around it pulls the heat out of the water.

Another very important thing to consider when choosing what type of pool to put in is cleaning. A pool is always going to get dirt and leaves in it, but an above ground one will get much less than an under ground pool. An under ground pool usually gets much more dirt in it, because it is even with the ground and everything can blow into it very easily. Also bugs and rodents can get into an under ground pool much more easily than an above ground pool, because it is even with the ground.

With all of this said it sounds like an above ground pool would be a slam dunk choice, but many people really prefer the aesthetics and added property value that comes with an under ground pool.

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