Swimming pools

Summertime always meant one thing for our family – time to pull out the swim suits and head to the pool. Whether swimming means heading out to your own backyard pool or to the local community pool, Outdoor Toys has a variety of tips, suggestions and ideas to maximize the fun and ensure your safety.

We offer tips on which pool might be a better investment for your family, how to care for your pool, pool safety and some of the hottest water toys on the market. Check back often as we will be continually adding more information about swimming pools and outdoor fun.

The water quality of swimming pools


Your above ground pool’s safety does not begin at the water’s edge. Properly maintaining a pool’s chemistry is critical to providing a safe and pleasurable experience. We’ve all been to a pool where the water strongly smells of chlorine and our eyes were burning and red after going into the water. Many think that this […]