Go Fishing, In Your Swimming Pond!

Fishing has always been a favorite summer pastime. Introducing the younger members of the family to fishing can be a frustrating experience. Too often families return home with nothing to show for their efforts as little ones often scare the fish away in their excitement. Toy fishing sets often involve stationary fish being ‘caught’ with a magnet or hook which are boring and often quickly cast aside.

One fishing toy, identified as one of the top pool toys for 2011, adds a realistic experience that young anglers are sure to love. And, based on some of the reviews we’ve seen, seasoned anglers have also found the toy somewhat irresistible.

Small World Toys Catch of the Day fishing toy
402 Reviews
Small World Toys Catch of the Day fishing toy
The Small World Toys Catch of the Day fishing toy consists of a mechanized bass fish, a fishing pole and two lures. Release the realistic looking bass fish into your swimming pond and watch it swim around just like a real fish. The mouth opens and closes as it swims. Once out of the water, the fish no longer moves.

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Family members can cast the line and try to land the fish. That’s when the real fun starts; once hooked, the fish thrashes in the water just like real fish do. Children will learn patience and experience a truly realistic fishing experience. Dare we say, this swimming pond and bathtub toy provides a wonderful learning experience for children?

Smaller children may require a bit of assistance to reel in and land the fish due to its weight. But, most families reported hours of fun. Some even told of young children sneaking off to fill the bathtub and don their bathing suits to play with the Catch of the Day fishing toy.

Young children should be under adult supervision at all times while in or around your pool or bathtub. Parents might need to place this swimming pond toy out of reach of little hands since it will quickly become a favorite. Some parents have found the Catch of the Day fishing toy a wonderful way to make bath time easier, children can’t wait for bath time.

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