Ferrari 150° Italia Pedal Go-Kart

What child wouldn’t love to own their very own Ferrari Formula 1 race car? The dutch toy manufacturer BERG did it again and managed to create one of the safest and most realistic pedal go-karts on the market. You’ll be amazed at just how much goes into the design. Your Ferrari 150° Italia pedal go-kart comes with a long list of impressive features including ppneumatic Formula 1 tires, aerodynamic spoilers and side skirts, a front spoiler, a swing axle, nose and rear wings and a unique Formula 1 steering wheel.

Forward, reverse and freewheel drive

Unlike most pedal go-karts on the market the Ferrari 150° Italia pedal go-kart has three drive options – forward drive, reverse drive and freewheel; or brake, freewheel and reverse (BFR). The unique and super safe breaking system works simply by pedaling backwards, and is just so easy to operate. This pedal go-kart is great to drive, and comes with all of the original Ferrari sponsors logos (Ferrari licensed product).

BERG Toys Junior Ferrari 150 Italia
The Ferrari 150° Italia pedal go-kart is unlike any other ride-on toy out there, and has a one of a kind design. The compact pedal go-kart is very light an still very sturdy. The light weight design makes the pedal go-kart easy to move and store. You'll little one will be the envy of their class with this classic design. With this kind of workmanship and detail, anyone would think that this replica rolled out of the Italian racing teams factory.

Advertisement updated: 2020-07-29

A ride-on toy for kids of age: 3-8

Don’t worry, you’re child doesn’t have to race around at super speeds to have fun. Pedal go-karts are just as fun at even the slowest of speeds. Amazingly, children from 3 all the way up to 8 years old can use the Ferrari 150° Italia pedal go-kart, thanks to the adjustable seat. It’s safe and sturdy design ensures that the rider is safe, and always well protected. If you’re buying the Ferrari 150° Italia pedal go-kart for a younger child, always make sure that they’re accompanied by an adult. Pedal go-karts are a lot of fun, but they can still be a bit dangerous.

An excellent cardio workout

Not only are Ferrari 150° Italia pedal go-karts great fun to use, but they’re a great way for you little one to exercise too. A pedal go-kart can improve spacial awareness and reflexes, which will help when learning to ride a bike. You’re child will soon be able to judge distances and navigate their way around all on their own. The steering and pedaling motion will improve their multitasking skills and concentration abilities. A pedal go-kart can also help your child to build coordination skills, provides an excellent cardio workout, whilst also helping to build their strength and muscles.

He or she will be able to ride for hours around your garden or local park and will never get tired of their wonderful new ride-on toy. After some practice, you could even have the next Michael Schumacher on your hands! If you’re little one loves the roar of the Formula 1 racing, and one day dreams of becoming the next Formula 1 racing super star, them why not make their next birthday present a Ferrari pedal kart? The fun will never end!

Pedal Karts by BERG

Unfortunately, BERG Toys is no longer making the Ferrari 150° Italia pedal go-kart. You may be able to still find one, but, they are getting harder and harder to find as existing inventories diminish.

They do, however, offer a wide variety of pedal go-karts that are every bit as cool and fun. These are three of our favorites that offer a similar riding experience and the quality construction that BERG Toys is famous for. And, all three have the brake, freewheel and reverse (BFR) system.

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