John Deere Riding Toys & Trailers

It’s July and families are right in the middle of grass mowing season. In our family, it was Dad’s chore to mow the grass. For years, that meant dragging out the push mower and walking in circles around the yard. Then came the first riding mower.

It was a relatively small riding mower but it definitely brought out the kid in him. If we had a farm instead of a generic suburban backyard of less than an acre, no doubt he would have bought himself a big old John Deere. One of the big green and yellow machines with the monster wheels and more power than the family car.

Kids today don’t have to wait to be grownups or live on a farm to have their own John Deere hot rod. Parents of small children have three great choices.

John Deere riding toys by Peg Perego

The Peg Perego company offers two choices for John Deere riding toys for children as young as two.

For children who want to get the feel they are driving or are not ready for a pedal car, there’s the battery operated Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer. It is designed for children from 24 months to 7 years of age and even comes with a radio, just like the real tractors used by farmers. It comes with a stake-side trailer and adjustable seats with armrests. It

If you are looking for a kid-powered John Deere riding toy for 2 – 6 year olds, the Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor and Trailer is a toy that any child would love to own. This pedal car is operated by pushing the pedals forward and back and a bicycle-type chain turns the wheels. It has a dashboard with dials and gauges so your little one can feel like he’s really driving a John Deere tractor. There’s two speed settings and parents can lock out the second until the child is proficient at driving this toy.

John Deere Go-Kart by BERG

For slightly older children, BERG Toys offers their own John Deere riding toy for 3-8 year olds. Their Buddy John Deere Go-Kart is made super-sturdy to ensure many hours of play. BERG has established themselves as one of the leading ride-on toy manufacturers in Europe. Their toys are made to last for generations. Kids can drive forward and reverse. The seat’s adjustable so it can grow with your child.

Watch this video featuring John Deere riding toys produced by BERG Toys

All three John Deere riding toys are conveniently available on Amazon. Your little one can pretend they are riding one of the massive John Deere tractors or simply feel like their helping take care of the grass. Either way, these ride-on tractors will provide your little ones with hours of fun.

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