Portable & Full Size Soccer Goals

Need a way for your favorite soccer player to practice at home or in the park? And, think that you might not want to have a full size soccer goal as a permanent part of your backyard landscape? We’ve got exactly what you need – portable and pop up soccer goals. There are many options for pop up goals, however, we are focussing on those that best mirror the size and shape players would use in competition.

We’ve found the highest rated soccer goals for clubs and home play. They all offer a range of sizes including full size soccer goals that meet the US Soccer standard sizes for youth and adults. The best part is that they are all portable and can travel with your footballer.

And, just in case you do have room for a more permanent full size soccer goal in your backyard, we’ve included one of our favorites.

Full size soccer goal sizes

When it comes to the sport of soccer, the official soccer goal size varies with the ages of the players and the type of soccer being played. US Soccer classifies younger players by age (U6=6 year olds, U7=7 year olds, etc.). Anyone shopping for soccer goals should be aware that beginning with competition year 2017, US Soccer changed their standard sizes. We’ve included the new sizes.

Official soccer goal sizes by age group

Age Group Official Soccer Goal Size
U6, U7 & U8 4ft x 6ft
U9 & U10 6’6″ x 18’6″
U11 & U12 7′ x 21′
U13 & Up 8′ x 24′

Soccer goal sizes for other events and games

Event Soccer Goal Size
Five-a-side 4′ x 6′
Beach Soccer 7′ x 18′
Futsal 6’6″ x 10′ (2m x 3m)
Indoor Soccer 6’6″ x 12′

We have used the size measurements as they were written by each of the manufacturers we discuss. They do not always list the height of the goal first. As a rule, the shorter side represents the height and the longer side is the width measurement, regardless of the order they are presented.

Maintaining portable & pop up soccer goals

Some of these temporary goals and any soccer net can degrade when kept in direct sunshine, for long periods of time, or allowed to get wet. Sunlight tends to decrease the impact strength and resistance in PVC and can lead to discoloration. uPVC has been treated to help fight the effects of sun exposure but most of the durability studies were done with plumbing and electrical applications rather than a target for soccer balls.

Cool Outdoor Toys recommends that you store pop up soccer goals indoors and place them in shady areas, when possible.

PVC soccer goals

We would consider these goals the budget choice of the group. They are light-weight and extremely portable, but, may not be as durable as the steel and aluminum goals. Balls, that strike the frame, will bounce back into the playing field but not to the same degree as the aluminum and steel models.

There are two manufacturers that our soccer expert suggested – Forza and Quickplay.

Forza PVC soccer goal

Forza PVC soccer goals are made with “super strong PVC” and while many families complain about the crossbar sagging they report the goals and nets do hold up fairly well.

Forza is one of the premier European soccer equipment companies. However, their best goals are the aluminum ones we discuss later in this article.

Quickplay Pro Match-Fold soccer goal

This goal has fewer complaints about the crossbar sagging than the Forza but we did see a number of complaints. With both of the PVC goals, it’s a compromise of price, weight and durability. The Quickplay comes in the following sizes: 6 x 4 foot, 8 x 5 foot, 12 x 6 foot, 16 x 7 foot 18.5 x 6.5 foot (this size is 1 inch short of the revised 2017 official goal size for U9 and U10 players) and 3 X 2 meters.

Quickplay offers a 2-year parts warranty and from the online reviews we’ve checked they have a history of honoring the warranty and quickly sending replacement parts.

Quickplay is a UK company founded in 2007. Their goals are used by professional soccer clubs, schools and universities around the world.They sell both the full size soccer goal and pop up soccer goals.

Steel soccer goals

With steel goals, balls striking the posts will bounce back into the field of play and provide a more-competition level experience than the PVC models. Steel soccer goals tend to be slightly less tough than their aluminum counterparts but they cost less and weigh less, than the aluminum models.

Among the steel soccer goals available, our expert suggested those from G3Elite.

The back bottom of the youth soccer goals is squared off to provide extra stability and strength. The depth of the goal is 4.5 feet at the bottom and 2 feet at the top.

* We’ve featured the 12×6 goal here. The quantity of net straps and ground anchors varies based upon the size of the goals.

G3Elite sells their goals from individual listings on Amazon rather than from a single listing. If you don’t mind a little chipped paint, discoloration, scratches or dings, you also might be able to pick up one of their “discounted less than perfect” models at a discounted price. Oddly enough, when we wrote this, the 18.5 x 6.5 and 21 x 7 sizes were only available as “less than perfect.” They also sell pop up soccer goals.

Aluminium full size soccer goals

The two aluminum goals our expert favors are designed for easy assembly and dissassembly. Obviously, these goals are heavier than the PVC versions and will require strong backs for transportation and set-up. With that weight, these goals offer a competition-level playing experience. Shots on goal that hit the frame will truly bounce back onto the field of play.

Agora also offers to store and move these goals. The wheeled bags are 90″ long and the goals weigh 108 pounds.

A complete set of downloadable instructions and an instructional video are available on the Sator website – Semi-Pro soccer goal assembly instructions. Agora also backs the Semi-Pro goal with a 5 year material and workmanship warranty.

Agora also offers a variety of soccer training aids, youth soccer goals, pop up soccer goals and professional quality full size soccer goals. Sator Soccer is headquartered in California.

Forza soccer goals come with a heavy-duty 0.20 braided HDPE soccer net and push and twist net clips. They show their goal with wheels, and while they do sell them, you have to purchase those separately. They also sell internal weights to add even more stability and sturdiness to the frames. All of their goals come with a 1-year guarantee.

They offer eight different sizes of their aluminum goals: 3m x 2m (10ft x 6.5ft) Futsal, 12ft x 4ft, 12ft x 6ft, 16ft x 4ft, 16ft x 7ft, 18.5ft x 6.5ft, 21ft x 7ft and 24ft x 8ft

Their 24 x 8 model has been independently tested to BS EN 748 (European) safety standards and complies with FA, UEFA and FIFA regulations. The goal is 3 feet deep at the top of the goal and 8 feet at the bottom.

About Net World Sports (the company behind Forza)

Net World Sports is headquartered in England. Their roots go back to 2002 when their MD Alex was still a school boy and he sold cricket bats and cricket nets. He would leave college and with a container full of sports nets would go from a solo business to one that currently has almost 100 employees. Forza soccer goals have become the first choice of many professional soccer leagues. They sold 100,000 goals in 2016 and are among the fastest growing companies in the UK.

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