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Top 5 Snow Toys for kids

Top 5 Snow Toys

Did Helena dump a blanket of snow on you or did you find it to be much ado about nothing? Where we live, we got the winter wonderland of 6-8 inches. For us, it was the perfect storm. A weekend snowstorm. The perfect time to dig out our favorite snow toys. One of this year’s […]

How to Build a Sledding Hill


When the snow starts falling, do you have visions of sledding down a mountain so fast you feel like you are flying? Hills so steep and long that each run lasts longer than it takes to hike back up to the top? Do you have winter fantasies like that? Mine also has plenty of luscious […]

Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker

Snow balls

What’s the number one selling outdoor snow toy this year on Amazon? No, it’s not a sled, snowboard or pair of ice skates. It’s a snowball maker that looks like a pair of tongs made from ice cream scoops. I can hear you now. “I don’t need no stinking snowball maker. I make great snowballs.” […]

Hammerhead sleds, your sled for extreme snow


They just don’t make sleds today like the antique wooden runner Flexible Flyer sled my family has used for generations. Wipe a year’s worth of dust off and put a little wax on the rails and it was good to go for another season of sliding. Most of today’s sleds just aren’t made like that […]