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Building a Wooden Swing Set

Building wooden swing sets

Thinking of building a wooden swing set? They sure do look cool and offer a lot of options and features. Your kids will love having their own backyard playground. But, they are a big investment of money and time. Don’t pick up that credit card or hit the Buy It Now button before you arm […]

How to build a Backyard Ice Rink?

Ice skating girl

It only happened once. A big patch of the side yard froze over with ice. It was 2-3 inches thick and big enough for a seven year-old to skate on. ‘Borrowing’ Mom’s ice skates and wearing several pairs of socks, I thought I was Dorothy Hamill as I glided across the ice. Spins, turns and […]

Building Wooden Playhouses

Building wooden playhouses

To a child, there’s something magical about having their own playhouse. Whether you have it in their bedroom, playroom, outside in the back yard or up in a tree, it becomes a place to let their imagination run wild. It also becomes their special place that is their’s alone. Wooden playhouses are more like the […]