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Snow Sleds for Kids and Adults

Snow sleds for kids

There’s nothing like one of those plastic toboggan sleds for sliding down a hill of powdery snow. They were often the cheapest option in the store and almost everyone owned one. They were always the first sled that could reach the bottom of the hill and the ride only got faster with each succeeding run. […]

How to Build a Sledding Hill


When the snow starts falling, do you have visions of sledding down a mountain so fast you feel like you are flying? Hills so steep and long that each run lasts longer than it takes to hike back up to the top? Do you have winter fantasies like that? Mine also has plenty of luscious […]

Hammerhead sleds, your sled for extreme snow


They just don’t make sleds today like the antique wooden runner Flexible Flyer sled my family has used for generations. Wipe a year’s worth of dust off and put a little wax on the rails and it was good to go for another season of sliding. Most of today’s sleds just aren’t made like that […]

Snow Fun! Zipfy Sled

Two boys sledding in snow

It’s the largest toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere and it was held in mid-February in New York City. Most of the toys featured at The Annual American International Toy Fair 2011 were indoor toys but there’s one outdoor toy that gained a fair amount of attention – the Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge. The […]