Outdoor Playhouse

Secret hideouts, forts and playhouses. What kid doesn’t love having their own special place? I know I loved being in mine, even when it was just a sheet draped over the bed and a chair. A new outdoor playhouse could lead to hours of fun.

Outdoor PlayhouseToday’s families aren’t limited to sheets and cardboard boxes to create hideaway play spaces. There’s literally toy catalogs full of outdoor playhouses to pick from. Cool Outdoor Toys offers help to families trying to make sense of all of the choices. We’ll talk about yard space requirements, playtime needs, budgetary concerns and ease of construction.

We discuss the different types of outdoor playhouses – generally plastic and wood. We discuss the pros and cons of each type and share some of our favorites. We also offer suggestions for outdoor playhouse maintenance and discouraging insects and other garden varmints from making themselves at home in your playhouse.

Buying Wooden Playhouses

Buying wooden playhouses

Would like to build a wooden playhouse for your kids but are worried that you don’t have all of the required tools or skills? There are books, plans and tutorials on building a playhouse but If you have only rudimentary carpentry skills and a few tools that most of us keep in our homes, you […]

Building Wooden Playhouses

Building wooden playhouses

To a child, there’s something magical about having their own playhouse. Whether you have it in their bedroom, playroom, outside in the back yard or up in a tree, it becomes a place to let their imagination run wild. It also becomes their special place that is their’s alone. Wooden playhouses are more like the […]

Plastic Playhouses

Plastic playhouse with girl

We recently talked about Wooden vs Plastic Playhouses. In that article we discussed some of the pros and cons of each type of construction and things to consider before buying a hideout for your kids to play in. This article focusses on plastic playhouses, the primary manufacturers and the wide range of designs being offered. […]

Playhouse Construction & Features

Children's playhouses often have optional extras that have to be ordered separately. We tell you what to watch out for when making a purchase, so you won't be surprised when you receive a playhouse that doesn't look exactly like the pretty pictures. We'll make it clear which playhouses have some assembly required and which ones will require general carpentry skills. We'll let you know which kits come with unpainted or unstained wood. And, we'll discuss if other families found they needed special tools to complete the construction of their child's wooden playhouse.

Real windows, flower boxes and parent-sized side entrances are just some of the features of the beautiful children's wooden playhouses now available in the marketplace. Many of the wood and plastic playhouses even come equipped with play kitchens and tables. Your child's imagination can run wild and you can feel secure that your kids are safe.

As you can see, we're sharing more than just toy playhouse reviews. We are helping families discover the perfect playhouse for their needs, within budget and without unhappy surprises.