Razor Jr. t3 Scooter for Toddlers

New York in February. The place to be if you manufacture and sell toys in America. It’s also the event that showcases those toys designated as “Toy of the Year.” We sent representatives every year. It was “the” toy fair of all toy fairs. Have a poor showing and your company was in trouble. Have a great event and it could drive sales for years to come.

Industry influencers, academians, members of the media, bloggers, retailers and consumers vote on the best of the best. They nominated over 700 toys this year. The 7 finalists in each of the 14 different categories are chosen in November. Only toys sold in America and introduced to the marketplace within the last two years are eligible.

One of the finalists for the 2016 Toy of the Year for Infants and Preschoolers is the . It is the only riding toy and outdoor toy being recognized in that category and the only kid-powered riding toy among the nominees across all categories.

The Razor Jr. t3 Toddler Scooter

This 3-wheeled toddler scooter has a lot going for it and has a number of interesting design features. It comes in either green with blue accents or pink with blue accents.

The folks at Razor have made a super cute video showing this toddler-sized scooter in action.

Tilt to Turn

You may have noticed in the video that the front wheels of the Razor t3 are slightly tilted inward. They did that to provide extra stability for young riders. It was designed to build core balance and riding skills, kids “tilt to turn” – meaning steering is a bit like riding a skateboard and leaning into the direction you wish to go.

Tilt-to-turn, in our opinion, does mimic the type of steering technique used on 2-wheeled scooters designed for older children and adults. But, it may prove challenging for some children.

Razor Jr. t3 Scooter plus accessories

Weight Capacity & Height Limitations

If there’s anything negative to say about the Razor t3, it might be Razor’s stated weight capacity. They claim children up to 48 pounds can safely ride this toddler-sized scooter. However, parents of children weighing under 40 pounds are reporting the plastic deck sagging virtually to the ground.

Unlike some of the other available toddler scooters, the Razor Jr scooter does not have an adjustable height handlebar. However, your child may exceed the weight limitations before they need a taller handlebar.

Size & Assembly

The Razor Jr scooter measures 22.52″ long x 10.75″ wide x 26.57″ high when fully assembled. You won’t need tools. Just snap the handlebars into the deck portion of the scooter. There’s also a release mechanism to remove the handlebars for easy transport and storage.

Razor Jr Scooter Safety Warning from User’s Manual

First off, kudos to Razor for actually having a product manual and making it available online. However, among all of the common sense warnings about safe usage of toddler scooters, there is one that worries us a bit. They mention that the Razor t3 scooter’s rear braking system can get hot with “continuous use.” They recommend not touching the area after braking.

We didn’t find any reports of injuries from touching the braking system. But, we do wonder if a braking system is really needed. Children of this age and size should be only riding on smooth, flat surfaces. We recommend teaching children to use their feet for both propulsion and stopping.

Razor Junior t3 Scooter Warranty

The comes with a limited 6-month warranty on manufacturing defects. Razor does not offer an extended warranty. Check with your retailer, they might offer their own.

Why is the Razor Jr. Scooter a Cool Toy?

  1. It’s from Razor™; a brand long associated with cool riding toys.
  2. Toy industry insiders love it.
  3. The tilt steering on the Razor Jr scooter is similar to two-wheeled scooters and skateboards.

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